European Massage


European Massage is also known as Swedish massage. Massage promotes general health by relaxing the body , decreasing heart rate, and blood pressure, improving circulation of blood flow and lymph. Massage can boost your immune system, help with digestion and improve skin tone. An excellent way to relieve pain due to sports injury, over use of muscles or joint pain and may help to reduce muscle spasm. This massages treatment uses oil and massage techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration and tapeotement.

  • 30 Minutes – $55
  • 60 Minutes – $90
  • 90 Minutes – $135
  • Add Deep Pressure to Treatment – $15
  • Add Moist Heat Hydroculator $10
  • Add Warm Stones to Back, Neck and Shoulders $15


 Warm Oil & Stone Massage

massage-mainA full body massage with warmed oil and sea stones, sooth nerves, relax the body and lull the mind into gentle serenity.

60 Minutes | $140.00




Deep Heat Back, Neck & Shoulder Treatment


40 Minutes | $75.00



Sacred Stone Massage


Renews the sweetness of life… This full body massage balances the mind and body using Sacred Stone massage Techniques. Each Sea stone has its own unique vibration, as does the body placing the stones on the body and massaging them into the body has a wonderfully balancing,soothing and calming effect. The warmth of the oil and stones help the muscles to “let go” and release tension . The result is maximum relaxation.

90 Minutes | $180.00


Luxuriate Signature Massage Treatment


This is luxurious treatment starts by slipping into a spa robe then a warm bubble bath for the feet, and a soothing foot and hand massage. Next a warm dip of paraffin treatment for hands and feet, followed by a one hour full body muscle melting relaxation massage…

90 Minutes | $125.00