shiro-alyssaWe call this transformative massage treatment ” The Journey” it is known as SHIRODHARA.

This amazing massage treatment begins with a warm oil and stone massage on our heated massage table, to your feet and legs properly relaxing the body and mind and preparing for the journey… You then receive a warm oil and stone massage to your face, neck,ears, shoulders & hands ~ after the massage, warm placement stones are placed along your body and at certain energy points on the body. Then on to the journey of deep, deep relaxation as steady stream of herbal infused, finest quality warmed oil begins to flow making contact with the center of your forehead and flowing down gently through your hair. This continuous flow of warmed oil lasts about 35 minutes, where mind and body go into a state of complete relaxation, release. When the oil flow is complete,it is time for a gentle scalp massage. You leave the treatment room with your hair wrapped up a luxurious terry turbon which is yours to take home. Your journey is complete…

By Appointment only

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